Longest zipwire in Europe – yes please!

Update: They did it! What an amazing way to launch Team Bertie. Thank you, Amanda, Stuart, Jack and Millie. xx


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Bertie’s Auntie Amanda surprised herself when she decided that flinging herself down the longest zipwire in Europe (and the fastest in the World) was a great idea for getting Team Bertie off the ground (literally). This is what it looks like (don’t show her – tehehe):


Amanda and Bertie’s Dad, Matt, have very different visualisations of her forthcoming event. We’ll let you guess which is which!


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This all looks so much fun that her husband Uncle Stuart and cousins Millie (19) and Jack (22) are joining her this July. They’ve raised nearly £200 so far to help Bertie and children like him find a cure. You can help them here.

Amanda & co have organised their own adventure but you can take part in this awesome challenge on designated MDUK days – a great way to make new friends and have a good old jolly day. Individual registration is just £20 with a fundraising target of £200. Click here to find out more. NB. Don’t forget to let us know (info@bertiesbuccaneers.com) if you register online.

Find out how your fundraising helps here.
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