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When you donate to Bertie’s Buccaneers Family Fund for Muscular Dystrophy UK your kindness goes directly into a research fund for Ullrich CMD. In the future we also hope to raise enough to support assistive technology to make life easier for disabled children. Here are some examples given by MDUK of what your contribution helps us to achieve. Remember, pennies make pounds. It all adds up. You are really making a difference. We’re at the coalface here folks!

  • £44 could ensure another hour of scientific research in the drive towards effective treatments and cures for devastating muscle-wasting conditions
  • £352 could fund a day of world-class research, driving the pace of development in the search for treatments and cures for devastating muscle-wasting conditions
  • £1,153 could enable us to take a step closer to treatments and cures for muscle-wasting conditions, by funding a UK Clinical Research & Training Fellow for a week
  • £3,500 could enable us to provide a piece of voice or eye controlled software and hardware to enable a young person with a progressive muscle-wasting condition retain their independence for longer.
  • £5,000 could fund a full month of pioneering research to find treatments and cures.

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