Three little monkeys


We’re regular festival goers and have been camping at the JustSo! Festival for years now. [We’re giving away a free family day ticket for 2016 in our competition click here!] We’ve met lots of great bands there including: Thingumabob and the Thingumajigs, the Seas of Mirth and Electric Swing Circus. Recently Rob from the Thingumajigs sent us some brilliant photos of the band and their friends, Toploader, Gomez and Scouting for Girls, wearing our Bertie’s Buccaneers T-shirts. It’s so brilliant of them to promote our charity in this way and it gave us a great idea… ‘Music for Muscles‘ has become one of our key awareness raising campaigns for promoting the plight of children with muscle-wasting conditions like Bertie.


The Thingumajigs have a new EP out: “The Elusive Salford Fun Machine” available here  They recently send us a copy and it is AWESOME…they also sent us three monkey hats (as you can see) because Bertie’s favourite song at the JustSo! Festival was “The Monkey Song”.

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