Funding vital research

Bertie’s Buccaneers is a fundraising community and in particular a Family Fund for Muscular Dystrophy UK. Family Funds like ours together raise vital funds for groundbreaking research into Bertie’s condition. We are currently awaiting the final report on Prof. Muntoni’s recent project. Prof. Muntoni is now one of Bertie’s consultants at Great Ormond Street. Ullrich […]

Where your money goes!

Facilitating clinical trials for collagen VI-related conditions Here is just one of the vital projects into Bertie’s condition. It is being undertaken by Prof. Volker Straub at Newcastle (who diagnosed Bertie in 2014). This research is funded by the Family Funds for Muscular Dystrophy UK (MDUK). We are very proud to be making a difference. […]

How your donation helps

When you donate to Bertie’s Buccaneers Family Fund for Muscular Dystrophy UK your kindness goes directly into a research fund for Ullrich CMD. In the future we also hope to raise enough to support assistive technology to make life easier for disabled children. Here are some examples given by MDUK of what your contribution helps […]