“What is wrong with Bertie?” Rare Disease Day, 2017

We are often asked to explain Bertie’s condition. This is tough because it is complicated. However, as it is Rare Disease Day, here goes: One of Bertie’s genes is faulty, specifically a collagen VI gene. In his case he didn’t inherit a faulty gene, although you can. It just went askew and created an error […]

Life is better off-road!

We do everything we can to give Bertie a great childhood that is full of adventure but there is no avoiding that it is getting MUCH harder in his regular NHS chair as he grows heavier. The Ottobock is a fantastic chair and we love it but it is heavy and like most regular wheelchairs […]

Bertie’s Trike Appeal

    Update!!! We have done it! We have raised enough not just for the basic trike but for the full trailer trike. We are so grateful to you all. You’ve all made a little boy very happy! xxx     Dear all, Following so many supporting comments and offers of help over the weekend, […]